Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

These days, I’m living a pattern,
one with the power to ignite
souls and enrage fires inside
an innocent dying heart;

There’s a shade, one that is
capable of lifting spirits and
rekindling passions in the
torn mind of a broken crusader

Also a delusional reality that
stays for a minute and vanishes
in the other — to mend, assemble,
the scattered pieces of my
precious thoughts

Some fractals and visions,
up, up in the sky where my
body soared high and pushed
me ahead in my stride

”Suffering is momentary”, they said,
”Tomorrow’s fruit will be sweet and
your bedlam will rest and you they
will never greet.”

”Rise”, the clouds said, ”Rise.
Not to fall down but to touch
the ocean once and move
forever away to the plains
lush green and woods so
brown. Rise. Rise”



I loved this.

I came here hoping to find a nugget about how to be worthy of not being forgotten but instead, I'm leaving, knowing that someone, somewhere is already in love with the life I live :)

Thank you for this! <3



Diksha Bathula

If you’re not failing every now and again, it is a sign you’re not doing anything innovative 🚀